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To Skin A Cat to premiere in Johannesburg in August


After three sold out screenings at The Durban International Film Festival, we are very excited to bring the film to Johannesburg.

The premiere of the film will be screened at The Bioscope on Friday the 26th of August at 19:30 and Saturday the 27th of August at 20:00. The filmmakers and leopard researcher Tristan Dickerson will be in attendance for a Q & A session after the film on Saturday 27th August. Please purchase your tickets early via the link below to avoid disappointment.

This groundbreaking documentary which follows leopard conservationist Tristan Dickerson (Panthera’s Furs For Life Leopard Program Manager) on his mission to halt the alarming decline in leopard populations.

In the last three decades the four million strong Shembe Church have adopted the leopard furs into their ceremonial costume resulting in huge demand. As he attempts to find a workable solution, Dickerson explores the cultural significance of the leopard skin to the Zulu and the Shembe, and realizes that the solution may lie in a collaborative approach.

In consultation with the Shembe he soon embarks on a mission to design and create the perfect fake alternative to real leopard skin. His epic journey leads him across the world as he attempts to pioneer a design process fraught with technical difficulties and setbacks. With insights from cultural leaders, politicians, conservationists and scientists, To Skin a Cat is a film which looks at an ‘out the box’ attempt at solving a complex problem. The film is the brain child of directors Colwyn Thomas and Greg Lomas who began following Dickerson in 2010. Along the way, they teamed up with producers Jacobus van Heerden and Russel Hlongwane, while receiving support from a range of private backers as well as Panthera and the Peace Parks Foundation (Furs For Life Leopard Program), Durban Film Office  and Earth Touch.


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  1. Just watched the screening in Maboneng at the Bio-scope cinema. Absolutely blown away!!! Fantastic documentary and work by such incredible people!!! Congratulations!

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"I wish you every success in your campaign to save the leopard from extinction and admire the way you are going about it. With the right approach that you are showing, success for both the leopard and the Shembe people/church will come." - Carmen Calleja