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WESSA is a membership-based environmental organization that promotes public participation in caring for the Earth.

We embrace professionalism and sound corporate governance, fostering collaborative partnerships to succeed in our Mission.
With enthusiasm and a spirit of unity, we work to achieve a South Africa that is wisely managed by all to ensure environmental sustainability.

is to promote public participation in caring for the Earth.

Our AIM….
is to contribute to conserving the Earth’s vitality and diversity by:

• promoting sound environmental values and sustainable living
• integrating conservation and development
• encouraging individual and community action
• securing the protection and wise use of natural resources
• acting as an environmental watchdog
• promoting and participating in environmental education
• influencing policy and decision-making
• responding to changing needs.


We operate democratically.
We are firm, but restrained, in the pursuit of our aims, seeking collaboration and consensus whenever possible and accepting accountability for our actions.
We strive for innovation and excellence, lead by example, and act with integrity in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


We shall endeavour to uphold our integrity, both as individuals and as an organisation, at all times, as we recognise that this principle is the value upon which all others are founded.

Mutual Respect
We shall, at all times, treat each other with mutual respect. Mutual respect at all levels fosters a sense of pride and belonging that is essential to a positive culture and enjoyment of both the workplace and WESSA’s activities. We therefore promote tolerance, sharing, humility and a desire to seek consensus.

We shall conduct ourselves and do business in a manner displaying the highest level of professional competence and behaviour, thereby bringing credit to WESSA. We shall always strive to be consistent, conscientious and focussed in our quest for personal excellence as we recognise that individuals striving for personal excellence will enhance any team and, thereby, the organisation as a whole.

We shall promote an organisational culture that embraces diversity and empowerment for the value it adds. Our ever-changing environment requires us to be adaptable in order to remain effective and to seize opportunities. We shall therefore always encourage proactive problem-solving, initiative, and the search for better ways to succeed in our activities and Mission.

We recognise that each of us is a part of a team, and that no individuals can achieve more by themselves than everyone working together. In so doing, we shall always make the extra effort for our fellow team members whilst ensuring that all of us take full responsibility for our roles and remain accountable for our actions. We shall be empowering and continually re-evaluating ourselves in our actions.

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"I wish you every success in your campaign to save the leopard from extinction and admire the way you are going about it. With the right approach that you are showing, success for both the leopard and the Shembe people/church will come." - Carmen Calleja
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